Invisalign Braces in Beverly Hills, CA

No matter how old you are when you start thinking about getting braces, the idea of sporting a mouth full of brackets and wires is probably a turnoff. Fortunately, there’s a cutting-edge solution for straightening teeth that doesn't involve traditional braces: Invisalign. And at Beverly Wilshire Dental Group, we offer Invisalign braces to our valued patients in Beverly Hills, CA.

Revamp Your Smile

With Invisalign treatment, you can straighten your teeth without anyone around you being the wiser. Invisalign treatment involves a series of clear, removable aligners designed to gradually improve your alignment and bite. This means you won't have to shy away from the camera while you're undergoing treatment, and you won't have to inconvenience yourself by drastically altering your oral healthcare routine.

A brand new smile could be yours sooner than you think, and it all starts with a call to Beverly Wilshire Dental Group. Call 310 246 9321 today to schedule a consultation and find out if Invisalign treatment is right for you. How Can Invisalign Help? While a lot of adults are eligible for braces, many dislike doing so as it's seen as something that children or teenagers would turn to. This can leave you feeling shy around others, and that's never a good place to be. As well as this, traditional braces can become very sore after a period of time and it can make simple tasks like eating an absolute chore. Thankfully, traditional braces aren't the only option out there for those who need teeth therapy anymore. Invisalign braces have been around for a little while now, and they are growing in popularity all the time. With more than 1.3 million patients around the globe, Invisalign is becoming a very useful and common practice. It's a popular treatment for those who have cosmetic issues, too. Invisalign can help sort your teeth out and correct things like wide spacing, overcrowded teeth, overbites, cross bites and any other form of bite that you might be looking to get something done about. How Difficult Can They Be? Best of all, Invisalign braces out with next to no resistance - meaning you can eat, drink and brush your teeth with absolute freedom and then just pop them back in. Every two weeks you move on to the next set of aligners that are designed to straighten your teeth to the desired position. They are virtually invisible, and are made from a plastic that is totally clear. With no metal parts to the Invisalign design either; you can give off a big cheesy smile without anybody noticing you have your braces on! Does Treatment Take Longer With Invisalign? Because the changes are far more gradual and the sets aren't drastically sized from one another, you'll have nothing even close to the discomfort that you would have put up with if you were still wearing traditional train-track styled braces. The treatment can take anything from six to fifteen months, depending on how much work is needed and how many sets you need to go through. Invisalign can help deal with things like gum disease and tooth decay, and you can combine the process with teeth whitening to make it even better. This is one of the fastest, most reliable ways that you can correct the damage done to your teeth and your gums over the years. You don't need to suffer with big block braces and there'll be no more train tracks - just simple braces that you can barely even see when you have them in! By offering you the same effectiveness as normal braces without the difficulty or stigma that comes with, Invisalign can be the perfect solution for many adults.